My Feral Tripawd

We are new to Tripawds, we joined at the beginning of October 2017 when we found out that a feral cat we have been caring for needed an amputation. That news absolutely devastated my husband and I. We both started searching online for information on the surgery and how to care for a new amputee, that is how we ended up here. We have met so many kind people here, it has made a huge difference in our lives. A lot of people know our story and have given so much support and advice, I figure it is time to create his blog.

Huckleberry is a 2 year old grey tabby and white male cat that is feral. He started bird hunting in my yard before he was full grown.  As time went by Huckleberry spent more and more time in our yard which had become his safe haven. We put food out for him frequently so that he would leave the birds alone.

Huck continued to hang out throughout the winter. We had tried everything shy of trapping him to get close to him. He would let us get just so close and then he would back away.  He showed up every morning for breakfast, and every evening for dinner. We got bowls for him, and a bed that he decided was comfy enough to sleep in at night.  I tried to fix up a carrier for him for when the weather was bad, but he wasn’t having ANY of that. Huckleberry had to do things on his own terms, that is, until he got hurt.