Happy Anniversary Huckleberry!

Time passes so quickly. The last year has been a challenge full of surprises and unknowns. Fifteen months ago our visitor stopped visiting. I had almost given up hope of ever seeing him again. Fourteen months ago he came back broken, my eyes still fill up remembering it. My heart pounded when I saw he was alive, and it broke when I saw him dragging his leg. We did everything to try and let him heal but the leg was not going to ever be normal without intervention. Thirteen months ago we trapped him and began the process that was honestly a horrible road to travel when you don’t have anybody to turn to and all the animal people you knew were 1000 miles away.

A year ago yesterday we sat with our hearts in our throats waiting for the call from the vet. His leg was removed, broken beyond repair. We took Huck home the same day and life as we knew it changed forever. Our anniversary gift was decided, we chose life.

Yesterday we celebrated and I sorted through pictures. I am not a master at video, lol, but I fought my computer and cell phone to put a little something together to mark the day.

I hope you enjoy it. Huckleberry is the most amazing boy and the help I received from friends here truly made all the difference in the world.

Lots of love and hugs,

Jackie, David, Mitchell, Oscar, Andy, Bo, and Huckleberry