Happy 2 year Gotchaversary and Ampuversary my Huckleberry

We went through a few really tough times this year as a family. It has been hard to get back in the groove, but with the love and support of family and friends, I believe we are finally getting back into our groove.. our new groove.

Huckleberry is thriving… totally! He has gotten himself into some adorable routines, I swear this cat domesticates more and more all the time 💖

His relationship with Oscar has gotten better too! Oscar likes to let him know that he was here longer, lol… but Huck has gotten into this habit of walking towards Oscar when he is trying to play the alpha card. Just as curious and loving as he is towards David and I, he just looks at Oscar like.. what’s up bro? And Oscar concedes. Rarely do we hear them bicker anymore.

Oscar builds up body strength every day on the cat tree in our living room. He gets a good grip on the rope and pulls his body up into a good stretch. Then he has a super knitting/pulling session. He is still limber, although he has become somewhat of a fluffy cat, lol.  I have tried over the last several months to video his exercise, but he always seems to do it when my attention is on something else. I caught a little clip though.. toward the end of his workout.

He climbs up on to my pillow every night to snuggle. He waits for me to come home from work and greets me from the stairs, even if he was sound asleep napping. He sits beside (or in front, lol) of me every morning while I sip coffee, pet him, and read email.

He is such a peaceful boy. Sweet, loving, and kind. There are a lot of people that could learn from his ways.

He still melts my heart every single day. I love you buddy 💖 Happy birthday, happy gotcha day, happy ampuversary!


Here’s a little something I put together to celebrate his life.