Hello Tripawds!

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Hi and welcome to Huckleberry’s blog. Mama has never blogged before, but I talked her into it so that we could tell my story. She told me she would only agree to do this blog thing if she could share her pictures. I told her she had too many pictures, but she said that was the deal or no blog *sigh*, I am still getting used to this human thing.

I hope you enjoy my story, and for all new people that come here looking for support I want them to know that if mama hadn’t trapped me and gotten rid of my painful broken leg I probably wouldn’t be alive right now. Same goes for most people that come here. It’s a scary thing, but sometimes it’s the only “chance” that we have to be able to live.  A lot of my tripawd friends had to have the surgery because of that rotten cancer. I have also met a lot of friends here that, like me, had something horrible happen to one of their legs.  I had 2 choices, to drag that painful leg around and hurt all the time, or to get rid of it and move on with my new life. We made the second choice and I am not hurting anymore.

We hope this story helps your journey to not be as scary.


     Huckleberry and his crew