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Huckleberry Finds A Home

Feral feline, new tripawd

Huckleberry Finds A Home

Home from the hospital, the roller-coaster of true love

December 22nd, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

I know you are waiting for it.. right? Most of you are probably wondering HOW MANY TIMES CAN A CAT MOVE IN A MONTH???  My answer: As many times as it takes to take care of him properly 🙂

Huck’s quarters were moved upstairs this time, into the guest bedroom. It is warmer, quieter, and much more controlled. He has Alexa to sing to him, a TV to play Cat T.V. for him, and can be monitored when the time comes to mingle with his new family. It was a little overwhelming at first, I am sure the pink elephants didn’t help, lol. Once we moved him in and got him cozy, mama took a nice big blanket out and we covered his crate so it was more like a comforting man cave 🙂


A little overwhelmed

Huckleberry walked right into his crate, yes he WALKED!

I was truly amazed at how alert and mobile my little guy was. Sorry the video is kind of sideways, I was not expecting him to be so mobile! I realized at the last minute that I was missing one of the events that we have been waiting to finally have behind us.

Once we got him into the crate he was nervous ( Like I wasn’t, right?? ) Here’s papa cozying up the place for Prince Huckleberry.


The vet recommended not using an e-collar because she did not think a feral cat ( swiftly becoming semi-domestic 🙂  ) would fare well with an e-collar. If I remember correctly, we tried one on him while he was still sleepy and it was off before we made it home.  After that I did try once to get it back on, and his response was NOT good so I decided to take it one day at a time collar free.

I am posting close up’s of his incision so that anybody that has not already been here can see what to expect.  If you have not already seen pictures of this nature, it may be considered graphic. I think it is helpful and very realistic. This is a normal and healthy looking incision site, and a cat that WALKED right to his bowl and had his first meal before settling in for some healing rest.


Right after surgery

First day home

First day home


Up and eating

Up and eating


It was a relief to finally have this all behind us.


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  • dawn3g

    I didn’t realize you and Huckleberry had a blog, until recently, I’m oblivious to anything beyond myself–but I’m getting better and finding my way around the blogs and will start hanging around the forums more–a world of information there I haven’t looked through as I got intimidated early.

    Thanks so much for sharing Huckleberry’s saga, I really enjoyed catching up. He is lucky to have wandered into your lives, and I’m sure you feel the same

    • paws120

      I think we all go through that, especially in the beginning. I’m working on getting Huckleberry’s story updated to the present time, just caught up in the holidays right now. Merry Christmas! Give beautiful Fallon a hug please 🌹

  • Purrkins

    I remember you did try the cone, I thought on the way home!
    I also remember Huckleberry wondering what the newspapers were for! 😉

    Till this day I believe Mona is the only kitty that got away with going commando & did not bother her incision! She made up for that by terrorizing Kerren in other ways.

    Your almost there! Great idea to get all in order !

  • paws120

    Yes, we popped it on before we got into the car and it stayed on for less than 5 minutes lol. He did some of it grooming and some of it honestly was him laying on it and general moving around. Omc the newspaper, forgetaboutit !!! The look on his face when he saw cat litter was priceless. He is something else! Thank you so much for all of your support, it means so much to me and my family.

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