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Huckleberry Finds A Home

Feral feline, new tripawd

Huckleberry Finds A Home

Step aside, my turn ma ❤

January 14th, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

Hoppy New Year everypawdy! Mom’s been slacking and doing stuff like running around frantically cleaning, something about getting the house back in order now that I am running with the rest of the crew and she doesn’t need to spend her time all cooped up in the room that used to be my recovery/socializing room anymore. Yeah, they moved me again, I’ll tell ya.. all that moving is for the birds. Every time I get comfy and start to relax they put me somewhere else. I spent what seemed like forever in my new room, but I have to admit it was nice and warm and cozy.

I had to make one more trip to the hospital for a few days because I lost a few staples and wasn’t feeling well. They stuck needles in me and I looked like I had a water balloon attached to my side, but when it started to disappear I started to feel better. I had to have some new medicine because they said I had a fever, whatever that is. After the medicine and the water balloon pawties I started feeling a lot better and they let me go back home to my prison cell.

She played music for me when she and dad weren’t in visiting me, and after one last visit to the vet to take out my staples, ( the ones I hadn’t gotten out myself ), they finally started letting me out of the prison cell. I could hear and smell my new brothers on the other side of the door, and got kind of good at reaching out from under the door until I could hit another paw. I really, really got excited about seeing them.

Ma put me back in the cell for my first visits. She gets so overpawtective of me! I think she forgets I was the wild tiger in the yard surviving on my own and hunting prey for my meals when they weren’t busy giving me food.  Here’s my bestest bro, he got to visit me first. He wasn’t so stealthy this time, I guess he got over being afraid of me.

Here’s Oscar

I think Oscar is jealous of me, who wouldn’t be, just look at me I am gorgeous!  Ma keeps telling him that he is still her baby, but he’s not subscribing to it.

Finally, I got to meet my new bro’s one on one without the cell bars to protect them, heheh..

I just love my brother Andy, I had to show him how much as soon as we finally got to hang out together.

Oscar wasn’t as warm and fuzzy

He started catching on though, it just took a little bit

Ma let Andy in on the action, thank goodness! He kept her at bay while I showed Oscar that three legs didn’t mean I wasn’t a tiger anymore

After the BIG MEET ma finally chilled a bit and gave me mostly free run of my new room. Of course once she chilled, then I could finally relax and show her my “chillin” attitude

Oscar is living up to his name, “Oscar the Grouch”, but I just ignored it and had fun with him.

Finally after enough of that, ma and papa brought me downstairs so that I could meet the rest of the house. Papa and I had a good talk beforehand and he told me to behave myself so that mama wouldn’t have a heart attack

I found the stairs..

And now I can finally live my life as the coolest cat around… Oscar will accept that, eventually

I finally let ma put my beautiful Tripawds bandana on, here’s me rockin’ it!

Everywhere you go, there I am! I got this now, I am ALL over it!

Did somebody say lunch??

And finally… my favorite things to do (besides torment Oscar)

I love my new life. See ma? That wasn’t so hard now was it? Once you showed me where the keyboard was I burned it up!

Thank you to all of the Tripawds gang for your help, love, and support. If it weren’t for you my mama might have lost her mind ( papa thanks you too, Oscar… not so much!)



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  • reilly95

    Huckleberry boy! What a brave, strong little man! I am so happy to hear and SEE how well you are doing. You are such a good brother, cleaning Andy and then playing with Oscar the Grouch.

    You took those stairs better than some 4 legged felines I know!

    Thanks for post little guy!

  • sebastiandoodle

    Such a great post/story – love the gradual interactions. Each has their own personality. Huckleberry is making himself more at home in each video. Keep the videos coming!

  • jerry

    Oh you SWEETHEART! I’m just so in love with you Huckleberry. What a long road you’ve traveled and look at how much you’ve got it made now. All because you and your people stuck by each other and figured out this new life together, day by day. What patience! What love! We are proud of all of you, it’s a great way to kick off the new year.

    P.S. You look GREAT in your Tripawds Bandanna!

    • paws120

      Thank you Rene, after all the poking, prodding, and disruption I started to really like my peeps. It’s a whole lot softer and warmer in here too. Thanks for helping my ma keep what she had left of her sanity. 💘😽

  • benny55

    Just catching up on thos great post AND ALL THE ADORABLENESS in these pictures and videos!! ABSOLUTELY GRINNING EAR TO EAR looking at this treasured “family album”.
    This is such a great way to chronicle all the progess and bonding that cats and hoomzns hsve made together! 🙂

    Such a good looking crew!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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